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1) When will the XI standard course begin?
  The course will begin from the last week of May 2013. The XII standard course shall begin immediately after XI Standard course is completed.
2) How many lectures are there in a week?
  Three lectures per week.
3) What are the days and Batch Timings?
  Monday-Wednesday-Friday & Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday will be the Batch Days. Batch Timings will be declared a week before the lecture begins.
4) Which day of the week will the test be conducted?
  1] HSC Test: Alternate Sunday or Thursday 2] CET Test: Weekly & alternate Sunday
5) When will the JEE Main & JEE Advanced course begin?
  Simultaneously along with regular board syllabus.
6) Will there be a Parent-Teacher meeting?
  Yes, we certainly have such meetings where a parent is given a proper feedback of the student’s performance. Besides this, we have online Report Cards.
7) What will be the study pattern for a student aspiring for Medical field?
  For medical oriented students, there will be a different pattern wherein the student will not be burdened with homework and the main topic shall be covered first.
Rohan Thakur
94/100 Mathematics CET
Charmi Mehta
100/100 Mathematics CET
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